Learn how to use loose powder foundation

How to apply mineral makeup, step-by-step

Learn how to use loose powder foundation

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If new to mineral makeup, never fear. Learn how to apply mineral makeup in this ultimate application guide. It’s going to be like getting a manicure - except far more exciting because this is how you present your beautiful face to the world.

The gorgeous news?

While applying liquid makeup is a tricky balance of mess & coverage, swirls of mineral makeup are so simple to use.

Whether applying mineral makeup for daily use or using for a special occasion, like an anniversary party or a wedding, this guide will walk you through how to use loose powder foundation and other products so they’re long-lasting and flawless, all day (or evening) long.


In 7 steps, how to apply mineral makeup to perfection

(Only have a few minutes? You'll be ready in 1-2-3 steps!)

Step 1: Preparation


The perfect flawless make-up look starts with the right skin care:

1. Wash your hands
Before focusing on the face, thoroughly wash your hands because cleanliness is the key to life-long beauty. This decreases bacteria that may creep into skin and clog pores or irritate skin (which can even lead to faster, deeper wrinkles.)

2. Clean the canvas
Cleanse your face so you begin with a lovely, clean canvas - just as a painter would. If your skin isn’t sensitive, use an exfoliator 1 - 2x a week to remove dead skin and have an extra smooth surface. Give the skin a few minutes to breathe before applying makeup.

 3. Moisturize for maximum lush
Minerals love to “bond” to the surface. If the skin is dry, the minerals will have a harder time getting cozy on the skin for long-lasting coverage. That’s why it’s best to moisturize the skin with clean (washed!) fingers. It’s best to use a fragrance-free, natural moisturizer that will not irritate the skin.

Wait a minute before applying mineral makeup, so the moisturizer has had prime time to sink in and nourish your face & neck.

Insider tip: While waiting for the moisturizer, that’s a perfect time to brush your teeth and/or tend to hair - while giving skin a moment to prep.

Step 2: Apply mineral foundation

 kabuki brushAt Mineralissima, we know that makeup is about enhancing natural beauty. That’s the best part of mineral foundation - a little goes a long, longggg way.

How to apply mineral foundation for the right amount of coverage?

Start with a very small amount of powder, as only a tiny dash is needed.

  1. Sprinkle a small amount of powder into the lid of the makeup jar.
  2. Take the brush and pick up the powder from the lid, let the bristles pick up the mineral powder.
  3. Tap the brush to the side to release any excess makeup, or tap the powder into the hairs of the kabuki makeup brush, allowing the powder to be applied evenly all over the face.
  4. Apply the foundation powder to your face with gentle, circular motions to ensure an even coverage.
  5. Repeat these steps until you have the right amount of coverage

Insider tip: Swirl the makeup into every corner, including the often-missed spots like under the chin and up near your ears.

Step 3: Buff it up


The more layers of makeup that is placed and buffed out onto your face, the more coverage you’ll receive. For most, 2 - 3 applications around the face delivers the perfect amount of mineral foundation.

Insider tip: Do you know when your makeup looks the best? Apply it in fantastic lighting, ideally in daylight.

Alternative idea?

If you truly love liquid foundation but want the incredible benefits of mineral makeup, dash the mineral makeup powder into moisturizer for a smooth, roll-on makeup.

Step 4: Cover it up with a concealer

Did not get sleep last night? Some unwanted redness or blemishes have popped up? Start your make-up routine with a concealer right after applying your moisturiser, or check during your makeup application what else you want to cover up what the foundation has not covered sufficiently. Finish off with a light dusting of foundation.

If you’re experiencing:

  • Redness
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Blemishes or acne
  • Pigmentation or colouring spots

Use your Mineralissima mineral concealer to combat these uneven patches and smooth the overall skin tone.

How to apply mineral makeup concealer?

Dab the concealer onto the skin and blend it in using light, gentle dabbing motions.

A workman (or should we say, makeup-loving woman?) is only as good as their tools. The brush is the #1 most important tool for ensuring fantastic coverage, so a high-quality brush is a must.

We recommend using a small brush, such as this → fantastic, covering concealer brush

Next level: How to apply mineral makeup (beyond foundation)

Step 5: Get a glow with blush or bronzer

To get a sun-kissed look or touch of rosé (perfect for evenings sipping the pink wine ;), the application of mineral bronzer or mineral blush is quite similar to foundation.

  • With a high quality brush (sprinkled with makeup) apply to your desired areas
  • Start on the apples of the cheeks & brush upwards, in circles, towards the ears


Step 6: Make your gorgeous eyes pop

Once the skin has been pampered with powder and is looking fabulous, the next step is adorning the eyes.

  1. Dab your high-quality eye shadow brush into the mineral shadow and tap the brush to the side, shaking off any excess powder.
  2. Use dabbing motions to dab the eyeshadow onto your eyelids, starting from the outer corner and working your way into the crease of your eye, nearest your nose.
  3. Apply mascara, bristles to lashes. We recommend zig zag motions for the best results

Insider tip: Apply some mineral veil underneath the eyes, as it is easy to brush off any excess powder.

Step 7: Protect with a veil

As the veil is the finishing touch for a bride, a mineral veil is the perfect final touch. This veil is a setting powder that we always recommend using because this powder holds the mineral makeup in place & adds a flawless look that’ll have you smiling each time you look in the mirror.

And there you have it, our walkthrough of how to apply mineral makeup.

Insider Natural Cosmetic Facts

Mineral makeup contains ingredients that act as a natural sunscreen. This can help protect against harmful UV rays. It is of course still important to wear an SFP-containing cream when exposed to daylight. It is therefore an excellent option to apply the make-up over a layer of sunscreen, for further protection of the face.

Because the natural minerals in Mineralissima products 'adhere' to the skin, makeup does not stain.

Mineralissima makeup is in fact anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.These two properties are ideal for skin conditions such as rosacea and acne, and this makeup allows all women to feel beautiful without the worry of their skin condition worsening.

Due to the light-reflective minerals and particles in the makeup, fine lines appear minimized and you are left with a healthy-looking radiant glow.

Excited to try applying mineral makeup for yourself?

Some makeups feel like a chore. Thankfully, Mineralissima mineral makeup feels like a wonderful, soothing routine - like having a spa day right at home. (Isn’t how to use loose powder foundation, bronzer and eye makeup simpler than many videos make the application seem?!)

To make sure you have the tools, mineral makeup and setting powder (mineral veil) for your dream makeup routine, simply head to the shop of our SPF-loaded, vegan makeup and the best tools!